Integrative Wellness Coaching for Sport and Business


Perrin Wellness and Performance was created to help people gain insight and address overall health issues that affect their ability to perform and succeed in whatever they do.

We establish a partnership with clients and work with them through a process that empowers them to make sustainable and positive behavior changes to their health. This sets them up to perform and achieve success in every facet of their lives.

When we address our health in a holistic and integrative way, we enhance our ability to be effective and perform successfully.


Wellness Coaching for Sport


Wellness Coaching for Business




“Our mission is to help people change the way they look at their health. An integrative and holistic approach to health is one that places value and importance in all dimensions of a person’s life, thereby affecting one’s overall happiness and well being. This impacts:   

  • How you perform in both the office and at home

  • How you compete on the field and in the weight room

  • How you respond both mentally and emotionally to various situations

  • How you relate and interact with the people around you

Your health affects every aspect of your present and future self. When you begin to put your health first you will start moving towards the most optimal and successful you. This is what we help people do. Live holistically, perform successfully.”


-Emily Perrin, CEO and Founder